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763313A Kvanttimekaniikka II (10 op)

Opintojakson WebOodi-sivu

Quantum mechanics II, course's WebOodi-page

Kevät 2013 / Spring 2013

Lecturer: Jani Tuorila
Lectures: Mon 12-14 and Tue 12-14, room TE320 (begins 14.1., no lecture on 19.3.)

Exercise assistant: Teemu Pennanen, TE311
Exercises: Fri 8-11, room KO143 (begins 18.1., exceptions: 22.2. room SÄ124, 22.3. room PR126B)

Lecture notes (in Finnish) by Mikko Saarela.

In exercise sessions on Fridays, the exercise assistant is to help you and to advice with the exercises. By solving exercise problems, you can raise your grade in the exam. The more problems you solve, the higher is the raise, with a maximum of one grade point. Please, show your solutions in exercise sessions or leave them in a box located outside the office TE311 at latest on Thursday of the next week.

For more information, go to noppa

Teoreettisen fysiikan opintojaksot ja opetusaikataulut

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