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763620S Statistinen fysiikka / Statistical Physics (10 op)

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Statistical physics, course's WebOodi-page

Autumn 2012

Notice: 2nd mid-term on Friday 14th of December at 8-12 in lecture hall L3.

- First chapter included in the 2nd mid-term is 6.3. (Systems of Indistinguishable Particles)!

- There will be 5 problems with maximum of 6 points/problem. You will need at least 6 points to pass the mid-term.

Lectures: Mon 12-14 room TE320,  Tue 10-12 room FY1035 (10.9.-3.12.).
Exercises: Fri 12-14 room FY254-2 (21.9.-4.12., NOTE: the last exercise session is on Tue 4.12. on the lecture time and should be returned by Mon 10th of December!)

Lecturer: Jani Tuorila

Exercise assistant: Matti SilveriJukka Isohätälä (Questions concerning Ex.12 should be addressed to Jani Tuorila and returned to the familiar box in front of TE319.)

Lecture material:

Lecture notes

Progress of the lectures



In exercise sessions on Fridays, the exercise assistant is to help you and to advice with the exercises. By solving exercise problems, you can raise your grade in the exam. The more problems you solve, the higher is the raise, with a maximum of one grade point. Please, show your solutions in exercise sessions or leave them in a box located outside the office TE319 latest on Thursday of the next week.

Exercise points

The solutions for exercises are published here. If needed, you can come to office TE319 and ask about the exercises, preferably at the Thursday afternoons (13-16).

Results of the 1st mid-term!
Results of the 2nd mid-term!

Old material. Opintojakso on luennoitu s2009, s2006, s2003, s2001.

Teoreettisen fysiikan opintojaksot ja opetusaikataulut

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