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763622S Kvanttimekaniikan jatkokurssi (10 op)

Opintojakson WebOodi-sivu

Advanced course in quantum mechanics, course's WebOodi-page

Lectures in Spring 2013

15.5.2013: Due to popular demand, also a final exam can be taken on the date of 2nd midterm; email me if you want to take part in that!
13.3.2013: 1st midterm exam covers material upto and including Lattice Translations
13.2.2013: Midterm exam dates added
15.1.2013: Note changes to course schedule
24.1.2013: Note changes to Thursdays lecture room

Lecturer: Jukka Isohätälä
Lectures: Starting 16.1. 23.1, Wednesdays 12-14 10-12 in FY1103 and Thursdays 12-14 in FY254-2 TE320 between 24.1. and 28.2., FY254-2 from there on
Exercise sessions: Starting 23.1., Wednesdays 10-12 12-14 in FY1103
First Midterm exam: 22.3., 12-16 in FY1120
Second Midterm exam: 17.5., 8-12 in L5

Lecture material

Lecture notes will be posted here as the course progresses.

Lecture notes


Problem set 1 Solution set 1
Problem set 2 Solution set 2
Problem set 3 Solution set 3
Problem set 4 Solution set 4
Problem set 5 Solution set 5
Problem set 6 Solution set 6
Problem set 7 Solution set 7
Problem set 8 Solution set 8
Problem set 9 Solution set 9
Problem set 10 Solution set 10
Problem set 11 Solution set 11
Problem set 12 Solution set 12

Exercise problem sets (along with solutions) will be posted here as the course progresses.

During exercise sessions the assistant will help you solve the problems. Solved problems will raise your grade in the exams. The more problems you solve, the higher the raise, with a maximum of one grade point.

Opintojaksoa ei luennoida joka vuosi; viimeksi 2004, 2007, 2010

Old course material: 2010 lecture notes and problems as a zip file; exercises 2007; yet older material here.

Teoreettisen fysiikan opintojaksot ja opetusaikataulut

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