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Astroparticle physics, course's WebOodi-page


Astroparticle physics

Lectures 8 x 3h

Note: the lecture times have changed to Wednesday 14-17 o'clock in TÄ219!

Lecture plan
19.03.2013   Introduction on the lecture cource,
                  Short introduction on astroparticle physics
                  Short introduction on nuclear and particle physics (relevant for the cource)
26.03.2013   High-energy cosmic rays
09.04.2013   High-energy cosmic-ray sources
                  Cosmic-ray experiment EMMA
16.04.2013   APP detectors, experimental methods, neutrino beams, LAGUNA
23.04.2013   Solar physics and solar neutrinos
08.05.2013   Supernovae and sn neutrinos, diffuse sn neutrinos                 
15.05.2013   Geoneutrinos and reactor neutrinos, proton decay, dark matter
22.05.2013   Background in underground experiments


There are two possibble dates that the cource examination can be done.
The first is on Monday May 27, 2013 at 10-14 o'clock in Anttilansali.
The second possibility is on the general examination date of the Physics Department on Tuesday June 11, 2013.

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1: Intro on the lecture course
Lecture 1: Intro on Astroparticle physics
Lecture 1: Intro on Particle physics
Lecture 2: High-energy cosmic rays
Lecture 3: Underground CR experiments & EMMA, Sources
Lecture 4: APP detectors, experimental methods, neutrino beams, LAGUNA
Lecture 5: Sun and solar neutrinos
Lecture 6: Supernovae, SN and SN diffuse neutrinos
Lecture 7: Geoneutrinos, proton decay and dark matter
Lecture 8: Background in underground experiments

A List of Essay Topics
Small Intro and Essay Topics


Exercises are kept on Monday at 10 - 12 o'clock in TÄ219. First exercise is on 25.3.2013. Students are encouraged to work through the exercises before and during the excercise session. In order to gain points the exercises must be given to the assistants before Wednesdays at 14.00 (before each lecture). The worked out exercise-papers (with your name and email!) can also be left to a denoted box at the hall of the theoretical physics for gaining points. New exercises and the solutions of the previous will appear every Wednesday to this wiki page. For questions, comments or feedback about the exercises you may also contact the assistants.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Important note: in Exercise 2 Task 2 part b),  *lambda is given wrong. It should be 37 g/cm2 * ln(2).

Aftermath: A summary of the questions, answers and discussions of exercise session on Monday 15.4 (updated a bit). Thanks to all who came to the session!

Exercise 3 

Important note: in Exercise 3 Task 2 part a),  the formula given yields centimetres as a result if values plugged in to the formula are given in the spesified units.
Important note: in Exercise 3 Task 2 part a), "B is paraller" should be "the magnetic field is parallel".

Aftermath: A summary of exercise session on Monday 22.4. Thanks for all the questions!

Exercise 4
Hints for task 1: (link) Thanks to the student who wanted to share the hint with all!

Important note: in Exercise 4 Task 1, when doing the integration over the full solid angle: do the integration over the half-spheres separately and use reason with "+/-" signs! "T" (time) is lacking from the last formula of the assigment 1D).
Important note: in Exercise 4 Task 3, the cross section given is the total cross section.
Important note: in Exercise 4 Task 3, we calculated the result over an exposure time of one month. In reality, the exposure times used in the experiment varied, being most typically 2-3 months.

Aftermath: A summary of exercise session on Monday 6.5. Thanks for participating.

Exercise 5

Exercise 6

Exercise 7

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