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Lecture slides:

Hans-Peter Piepho: overview, part 1, part 2, part 3

Jarrod Hadfield: lecture 1, lecture 2

Anna Marie Holand: lecture 1

Jon Ahlinder: lecture 1, lecture 2

Jens Leon: lecture 1

Boby Mathew: lecture 1

Computer class exercises:

Supplementary reading  (should be read before attending the course)

These articles will function as background material for the lectures. In addition, they will be used as basis for Group Discussions. Each student can take part in two (2) groups (A-D).

If necessary, you may request pdf files of the articles to be sent to your e-mail (please contact Emma Vatka, emma.vatka(at)

N.B. If these articles give rise to any questions or comments, please share them via the Comment field below! This will help the teachers in preparing their lectures and group discussions to better meet the needs of the students.


Group A (run by Prof. Hans-Peter Piepho)

Piepho, H. P., Büchse, A. & Emrich, K. (2003) A hitchhiker's guide to mixed models for randomized experiments - J. Agronomy & Crop Science 189: 310-322. pdf

Piepho, H. P. & Möhring, J. (2007) Computing heritability and selection response from unbalanced plant breeding trials - Genetics 177: 1881-1999. pdf

Piepho, H. P., Möhring, J., Melchinger, A. E. & Büchse (2008) BLUP for phenotypic selection in plant breeding and variety testing - Euphytica 161: 209-228. pdf


Group B (run by Dr. Jon Ahlinder and Dr. Boby Mathew)

Hallander, J., Waldmann, P., Wang, C. & Sillanpää, M. J. (2010) Bayesian inference of genetic parameters based on conditional decompositions of multivariate normal distributions - Genetics 185: 645-654. pdf

Ahlinder, J. & Sillanpää, M. J. (2013) Rapid Bayesian inference of heritability in animal models without convergence problems - Methods in Ecology and Evolution 4:1037-1046. pdf

Mathew, B., Bauer, A. M., Koistinen, P., Reetz,T. C., Leon, J. & Sillanpää, M. J. (2012) Bayesian adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo estimation of genetic parameters - Heredity 109: 235-245. pdf


Group C (run by Prof. Jarrod Hadfield)

Hadfield, J. (2010) MCMC methods for multi-response generalized linear mixed models: the MCMCglmm R package - Journal of Statistical Software 33:1-22. pdf

de Villemereuil, P. (2012) Estimation of a biological trait heritability using the animal model. How to use the MCMCglmm R package. pdf


Group D (run by Dr. Anna Marie Holand)

Holand, A., I. Steinsland, H. Jensen & Martino, S. (2013) Animal model and integrated nested Laplace approximations - G3, Genes, Genomes, Genetics 3:1241-1251.pdf

Larsen, C. T., Holand, A. M., Jensen, H., Steinsland, I. & Roulin, A. (2014) On estimation and identifiability issues of sex-linked inheritance with a case study of pigmentation in Swiss barn owls (Tyto alba) - Ecology and Evolution 4: 1555–1566. pdf


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  1. To Anna Marie Holand: Does AnimalINLA have other possibilities to do model selection in addition to DIC based inference?