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Info at the University on 6.5.2019 at 9.15-10 in SÄ102 (in Finnish) --> INFO SLIDES (in Finnish)

 Lectures at the University on  13.5.2019 at 9.00 -> 16.00 in L9  - these are mandatory for all Finnish students! (in Finnish --> not for exchange students)

The course at Oulanka Research Station 6.-12.6.2019; starting 6.6. at 9.00

  • no transport provided, get your own ride

Obligatory reading

—Allan & Castillo 2007: Stream Ecology
—–> ch 1: An introduction to fluvial ecosystems
—Brönmark & Hansson 2005 (or more recent): The biology of lakes and ponds
—–> ch 2: The Abiotic Frame and Adaptations to Cope with Abiotic Constraints
—–> ch 3: The organisms: the actors within the abiotic frame

Necessary equipments (not a comprehensive list!)

  • Sharp tweezers (order from SAR-machine,
  • "Eläinten lajintuntemus, selkärangattomat" -handout from year 2013-2017 & possibly other identification material
  • High rubber boots (hiking boots alone will not suffice)
  • Waterproof clothing (an umbrella won’t do)
  • Notebook and pencil
  • Hand lense (loupe)
  • Field guides for fish, bryophytes and aquatic invertebrates (recommended)
  • Scalpel, preparation scissors, rubber gloves etc. 
  • Own sheets (sleeping bag is not enough)
  • Money for accommodation and food (the price will include accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner for all days; no other options available)
  • Student card (to get the student price)
  • Camera, binoculars, own waders (optional)
  • Sunglasses, insect repellent?
Exam in Oulanka
  1. Theory part: all lectures and the scientific reading package given in advance
  2. Identification of organisms: all species met during the course, handout provided (list of organisms names) is allowed in exam 
  3. Practical part: taking samples etc.
  4. Riisitunturi report

Grading: theory 2/5, identification 2/5, practical 0.5/5, report 0.5/5, pre-assignment pass/fail

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