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751368A, 751668S Wildlife management and game animal ecology

Scope:3,5-8 cr.

Timing: B.Sc. 3rd or M.Sc. 1st autumn. NNE.

Objectives: After carrying out the study module the student will be able to recognize special ecological traits of the game animals and relate them to the general ecological framework. The student will be also to appraise the basics of durable hunting of game animals. The student will be also able to appraise the basics of durable hunting of game animals and critically judge different wildlife management methods from the scientific starting point.

Contents: Ecology of the game species, their life histories, population dynamics and predator-prey relationships. Hunting ecology: man as predator, management and hunting of the game species. The impact of forestry on the game species‟ populations. Students are also introduced to wildlife management in practice and to the social aspect of wildlife-human relationship.

Working methods: 24 h lectures, one-day excursion to a game breeding area, seminar with written reports and final exam.

Assessment methods:Seminar with report and final exam.

Grading: 1-5 / Fail.

Responsible person: Dr. Jouni Aspi, Dr. Kari Koivula.

Other information: The course will take place if sufficient resources are available.

Language of instruction: Finnish / English.

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  1. Kiinnostaako jotakin/joitakin tehdä seminaari aiheesta Genetic structure and management of European brown hare? Laittakaa vaikka viestiä