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The course will provide students with the electronic components necessary for their final project. In general students must select components from the following list. If students need some extra component not in the list contact the course staff explaining the component/s you need and a clear justification why you need it. Course staff will try to get the component  or suggest an alternative. Students should note that the course staff has the final decision to acquire a component not in the official list.

Important note: All components borrowed during the course MUST be returned back at the end of the course. Students won't be evaluated till they return the components.

Components available from DigiKey(

 Digi key part number
Arduino Uno1050-1024-ND
MPU-6050 (acc+gyro)1738-1070-ND
Voltage RegulatorZLDo1117G50TA
BuzzerCEM 1203
DC Motor1568-1161-ND
Ultra Sound Sensor1568-1421-ND
RED Led160-1167-1-ND
Diode shotky641-1331-1-ND
Capacitor 10 F587-1352-1-ND
Resistor 100 Ohm311-100FRCT-ND
Resistor 49.9K311-49.9KFRCT-ND
Battery cableBS6I-MC-ND
Battery holderBH26AASF-ND
Follow the line sensor1568-1554-ND
Benzine gas sensor605-00011-ND
White ledC512A-WNN-CZ0B0151-ND
Green LED754-1265-ND
Resistor 499311-499FRCT-ND
LED strip1647-1018-1-ND

Components available from Jameco(

 Jameco part number
Micro servo motor2214601
DC motor174693

How to get the components?

In the introductory report you must create the Bill of Materials . You must specify the components you need and the amount. Please, mark somehow the components that are not in the previous list. When the Bill of Materials is ready you can come to FabLab and collect the components.

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