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This page provides a "Template" that guides what information should be included in the Introductory report, Diary report, and Summary report that you have to submit. Here the Template is one document; however when you report your process and results you may want to have three separate "pages" for each type of report or to have all reports in one "page".

1. Introductory report

1.1 Description of your initial concept and how you arrived at your design 

In the introduction part of your Documentation Page you should describe the concept of your prototype. Note that this section should describe your starting point. Even if you end up making something entirely different, this section should document your initial idea. This section should contain the following information:

-   Short description of the concept

-   Description of how you arrived at your design

-   Other options you considered while deciding on your design

-   Design sketches

Length: between 100 - 250 words 

1.2 Design sketches

Here add minimum 1 picture showing the design skecthes (i.e.., concept and initial design).

1.3 Bill of materials

List of components you need for the course. You have more information in Components available for the course


2. Diary report


The diary report will describe:

  • Idea: Description of what you are planning to do, including information on how you reach to that idea and updates to the original idea.
  • Diary of the process: At least one entry per week, telling what has been done during the week by every member of the team and the team as a whole. Include pictures and videos.

  • About errors and failures.
  • Personal reflection.

The structure could be the following:

2.1 Description of your concept and its updates 

Here describe your concept and how have you arrived at it. In the beginning of the project, this part is identical with the Introductory report. However, in time, your concept can become clearer, more specific, more simple, or more complex, etc. Report any changes to the original concept, leaving the previous information in place in order to examine how your initial idea evolved. Motivate also all the decisions you made to change the concept in different phases of the project.

Add pictures to illustrate the evolution of your overall concept and of specific parts of it.

2.2 Diary of the process

Every week add one entry or more entries explaining the work done towards building your artifact.

Week 1

Tell what has been done during the week by every member of the team and the team as a whole.

Tell what software, hardware, electronic components, and other equipment have you utlized and how. 

Include pictures and videos to show work in progress, as well as complete work.

Include source files in your repository and links to them in the diary report.

Include reporting errors and failures and how have you overcome them.

Include personal reflection: you must answer at least these questions:

    • What have you learn during the week? Which have been the main skills you have gained? 
    • Now that you have new knowledge, would you have implemented a specific process/task in a different way?
    • Which has been the main difficulties you faced during the week?  


Week 2

... (same guidelines as for Week 1)

Week 3

... (same guidelines as for Week 1)

Week 4

... (same guidelines as for Week 1)

Week 5 (mid-term presentation)

... (same guidelines as for Week 1)

Week 6

... (same guidelines as for Week 1)

Week 7

... (same guidelines as for Week 1)

Week 8

... (same guidelines as for Week 1)

Week 9 (final presentation)

... (same guidelines as for Week 1)




3. Summary report 

3.1 Aim of the project

In the summary report, reiterate the aim of the project (What was your final concept and how did you arrive at it, what design choices and fabrication decisions you made in the process).

3.2 Your final product and its parts

Describe the elements of your final artifact and how they were produced (who has done what, how has been produced: what software, hardware, equipment, processes, practices have been employed).

Illustrate the process, steps, intermediate and final results with pictures and videos.

Add links to the source files. All the source files should be stored in the repository.

Add links to binary files (if they are created) and store the binary file in the repository.

Add the presentation file (e.g., the power point file) and the link to it.

3.3 Lessons learned

The following reflections by indvidual members and/or as entire team:

  • What lessons (skills, knowledge, practices) have you learned?
  • What recommendations would you give to others doing a similar project?
  • What ideas you got for future work or study?

3.4 Feedback to course responsibles

 Any feedback you want to leave to course responsibles as individual members and/or as a team.

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