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The aim of the project was to create a container ("Alcolock") that restricts the user's access to its contents when under the influence of alcohol. The product could be used to store items such as medications, car keys, etc. The initial plan can be seen at Introductory Report. We started out with a plan to create a simple box with hinges, but then arrived at a much more ambitious ball shape.


Students opinion
"We feel comfortable carrying out similar projects and feel that this course provided us with the skills to do so. The project was time-consuming, but working continuously throughout the course period helped us finalize the product on time. We hope to see more of similar project courses arranged in the future."


High-Five Polar Bear


This artifiact is a polar bear which recognises people passing by and raises an arm. When people high five with the bear, heart-shaped LED light on the bear's body turn on and arm goes down.



In this project, we wanted to manufacture an robotic arm for the purpose of serving cans of beer from a cooler box. The arm will be created using 3d printing and it will be controlled with arduino unit. No machine vision will be implemented, so the location of the beer cans will be locked inside the cooler box. The main functionality of the arm is that a button press will cause it to pick up a can and another button causes it to let go said can and return to its idle state. Actuators for the arm will be servo motor, and sensors consists of buttons, optometers and distance measuring devices.



Activity Totem

Our team has an interest in persuasive technology. Another interests, within this field, in common was sedentary behaviour (what we like to call sustained immobility). From these common interests we first saw that we could work on a variation on the course default project: the alarm bot. In our case, this concept would be harnessed not so much to wake someone up but to get someone to move about a little every so often – for example at work or when binge-watching Netflix.

In short our Activity Totem is an alarm clock that, when set ON, will produce an alarm every 45-60 minutes (random-ish interval within this parameter). In order to turn it off, the user has to go to the device and complete a series of button presses. The buttons are placed at three levels on the totem pole, they flash in the order of when the user should press them, and only after the series of presses (maybe 5-6 button presses) is completed will the alarm stop.


Follow the line car (Upper secondary students)


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