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Group numberTopicStudent 1
DIGIFAB1Electronic TurtleHenna Kokkonen
DIGIFAB2BB 8-like droid that is controlled via BluetoothJuho Toratti
DIGIFAB3Alarm clock robotJesse Immonen
DIGIFAB4Moving Alarm ClockAnssi Uistola
DIGIFAB5TrebuchetJuho Kalliokoski
DIGIFAB6Fancy mechanical flowerTran Chi Lan
DIGIFAB7Drinking wheel of fortuneSamu Majabacka
DIGIFAB8cat food dispenserJoona Halkola
DIGIFAB9Reindeer covered in LEDs with some moving partsAleksandra Targowicki
DIGIFAB10Reading electromyography (EMG) signal from muscles with an arduino and controlling something simple with itJohannes Pakanen
DIGIFAB11Making a controllable vehicle with Arduino. (PODF_rc_car)Sara Korento
DIGIFAB12Interactive LampLukasz Surazynski
DIGIFAB13The alarm clock that runs away.Samuli Peltomaa
DIGIFAB14Coffee sensor that tracks the ammount of coffee in the coffeepotEetu Haapamäki
DIGIFAB15Gadget for automatic soil wateringSami-Peeter Laitinen
DIGIFAB16POV (Persistence of vision) DisplayMikko Rytilahti
DIGIFAB17Interactive Pingu piggy bankMikael Rinkinen
DIGIFAB18Alarm clock that runs away and needs to be shaken for it to turn off. (Default project)Santeri Hiitola
DIGIFAB19AlcolockTatu Lehtola
DIGIFAB20Wall avoiding micro-carMikael Malmi
DIGIFAB21Noise reader integrated in wearable textile that will display a set of lights accordinglyDiego Guzmán
DIGIFAB22Cat toyRiina Annunen
DIGIFAB23A device that shuffles a set of four mahjong tilesWille Backman
DIGIFAB24We are going to implement a car with remote control with cable or with control trough bluetooth.Jouni Saari
DIGIFAB25A machine that measures liquids to be used in drinks, and user can choose what kind of drink does he / she want from given optionsMatias Lang
DIGIFAB26Sun lampHanna Mayr
DIGIFAB27Crazy PongYazan Barhoush
DIGIFAB28RobotoyValtteri Kuosmanen
DIGIFAB29Hydroponic Medusa LampMartin Carnel
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