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Fab Lab offers multiple possibilities for improving education at all levels from primary school till graduate students. However, it has not been deeply studied yet how Fab Lab activities should be implemented in order to maximize the learning outcomes of students. During this course we would like to better understand how students utilize the Fab Lab,  what are students' personal impressions on Fab Lab activities and determine how this course met students' expectations. 

In order to shade some light on previous questions, during this course we will collect some data to be analyzed at the end of the course. The data that will be collected is as follows:

  • Pre-course and after-course questionnaire to all volunteers students. This will help us to understand how students perceptions on different learning aspects has changed along the course.
  • Proximity and presence sensors in Fab Lab that will help us to better understand how different machines and spaces are used along the course. Individual users CANNOT BE IDENTIFIED.
  • Analysis of material produced by students (final project, diaries, final report...). Students who do not want their material to be part of this study should communicate it to the course staff.

We ask all students to sign the following consent form so we can utilize your data in the study. It is very important that you understand that NONE OF THE DATA collected can be associated to ANY PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL. ALL DATA WILL BE COMPLETELY ANONYMIZED. Furthermore, the grade of the student will not be affected by the participation or not in the study.

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