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EveLINE is a multidisciplinary research group, which is interested in our everyday life in technology-rich neo-communities. The members of the group
have come from the fields of English Philology, Finnish Language, Information Processing Science, Marketing and Social Sciences. EveLINE is continuation 
for the MOTTI project (Multidisciplinary research team), which was launched by virtual university funding.

EveLINE focuses on engaging children as active citizens in various neo-communities evident in our technology-rich everyday life. The special goal of
the research group is to find out how children’s participation can be strengthened and the children's and young people’s ownership in their own everyday
lives activated.

The research group also aims at advancing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research collaboration.

As a research framework we use Nexus Analysis (Scollon & Scollon 2004). It is an approach, which is interdisciplinary in nature, focuses on social action,
and combines different research approaches in a sequence of steps from engaging, navigating and changing (e.g. ethnography, interaction analysis and
qualitative study of different types). It involves a participatory stance in the researcher stepping into the community itself.


Banner: Jukka Ahola

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