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To ensure the similar appearance of abstracts and conference articles, they should follow certain guidelines. This allows the organizers to prepare the proceedings faster and avoids making unwanted errors.

  • The participants can either write a short regular abstract or a short article (max 4 pages). These must be written using the MS Word / LaTeX templates below.
  • The conference abstracts and articles will be published as a book of proceedings at the site of the conference. In addition, each article will be uploaded as a separate file.
  • Remember to name the attachments as follows: Lastname.Firstname_GFP2019_xxxx.doc (or .tex), where xxxx is a short unsolicited description of the topic of the presentation.
  • Color figures are welcome. Remember to provide a caption for each figure.
  • Articles must be sent to Toni Veikkolainen ( by February 28, 2019. Mention clearly in the cover letter (email message) a) who gives the presentation and b) is it oral or a poster?

You can download the instructions as:

  • a preformatted Word document (a compressed zip file with Finnish and English versions)
  • a preformatted set of files for LaTeX (a compressed zip file with STY, TEX, EPS + PDF & INFO and instructions in Finnish and English).

If you use LaTeX, do not make any changes to the layout of the article, just edit the contents.

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