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My research deals with the genetic of adaptation and speciation. Together with post docs and students, we aim a tusing genomic tools to resolve the genetic basis underlying genetic variation in adaptive traits, such as timing of growth in Scots pine (currently with Sonja Kujala, Komlan Avia Timo Knürr of the University of Helsinki) and the timing of flowering in Arabidopsis lyrata  (Helmi Kuittinen, Päivi Leinonen, Ulla Kemi ,Tuomas Toivainen). Genome wide analyses are with  Tiina Mattila and Jaakko Tyrmi.

Part of this work is related to adaptation to climate change - we can examine this based on our data on the genetics of quan titative traits.

In the course of this work, we have also come acrss interesting phenomena related to the evolution of reproductive isolation, and have started working on the genetics of speciation , mostly on Arabidopsis lyrata ( Jaromir Guzinski, Esa Aalto, Tuomas Hämälä), but also to some degree with Scots pine and close realtives (with former post docs Witold Wachowiak, Anna Palmé). (see publications)

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