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The original text copied here is more than ten years old! 

This service for Space Physics related material is based on the Oulu Space Physics Textbook that was created by the Space Physics Group of Oulu in 1990s (see the AGU Fall 1998 poster abstract). The style of the original Textbook is to be continued. As the name suggests, it was aimed mainly for students of space physics. This means, e.g., that the contributions should include references to the relevant scientific literature. Historical perspective may be the most useful, somewhat like in Introduction sections of scientific articles. Even when more up-to-date material is presented (which is commendable), "lean and mean" is the best policy.

  • SpaceWiki should not compete with encyclopedias like Wikipedia or even Wikiversity / Citizendium / Scholarpedia. This is, of course, the reason for the chosen editing policy. Some of the material here is too narrow in nature to be included in Wikipedia, and some other items are covered in Wikipedia with much more details and generality than is found useful in here. In addition, some kind of variety is anyway useful in this kind of enterprises.
  • Recommendation: Instead of very long, chatty, one page articles, we should have many separate pages. In each page one should link other pages only once, the first time a given reference is made. In this way the pages are easier to read (and write).

Permission policy: Reading by all without authorization, editing only with explicit permissions. The staff of the local group will get editing permissions by default. We will have information for external users later; at the moment this service is a pilot project.

Admins:  This wiki space is administrated by Kari Kaila and Timo Asikainen, with help from Reijo Rasinkangas.

Note that this service is provided "as is" and without any warranties on the reliability of the information. The user must assume the entire risk of using the service.

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