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In this phase you are designers. Your task is to create design for learning activities which includes a) case description b) design rationale c) instructional design d) socio-technical design

Components of design deliverable

Order of the components is just descriptive. You can decide the order etc.

A. Case description

In this section you have describe context.

B. Design rationale

What is theoretical design rationale. How your design is related to 21th century skills? Design theories? How about other context spesific literature? Add other possible considerations

C. Instructional / learning design

Describe your instructional design carefully. What are the tasks? What are the individual / collaborative / societal activities? How these are scaffolded or stuctured? etc. It should be clear enough to be given teachers in the context, but still scientifically rooted (wink)

D. Socio-technical design

What tools are used to support learning and teaching activities? How those tools relate to each other? How these can be used to support development / teaching of 21th skills

E. Assesment and evaluation

How learners can be assessed and evaluated?

Bonus challenge: Technology demonstrator will increase course grade +1



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