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The Embedded Software Development Environments course (815303A) focuses on the software development environments and tools for embedded platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. In addition, the course covers memory and power management, the core services of the platform, and the utilisation of existing libraries. One platform will be selected for deeper study, and the course introduces its essential software development tools and libraries. The emphasis is on application development for the platform as an exercise.

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Please note that this Spring 2019 implementation is the last time ESDE course is offered. After that, the course is not offered anymore. It is possible to pass the course independently (i.e., without teacher support) for a limited period of time. See instructions below.


Passing the course during study year 2019-2020

Please note that it is possible to implement the exercise work of this course independently, without teaching (lectures, exercises) offered, during the study year 2019-2020 (by the end of May 2020) There is no registration to weboodi or anything, just implement the exercise work and deliver as instructed below. All the necessary instructions for implementing the exercise work is here in the course wiki. By this time you must have:

  1. a private bitbucket repository with your project (fulfilling the user requirements listed in Passing page) code accessible to Antti Juustila and ready for inspection;
  2. informed Antti Juustila by email when your project is ready for inspection, before or at the aforementioned deadline.

If you already have an existing repository in bitbucket created by us teachers, use that one. If you haven't got a course repository, create your own private repository and add Antti Juustila user in rights to use that repository. Do not use a public repository since course projects must not be shared to other students, to avoid plagiarization accusations. Antti Juustila must be able to clone the repository for inspection when the deadline comes.

Please note that teacher support is available only by email. Since the course is discontinued and not actively offered, getting replays to emails may be delayed, depending on my other responsibilities and how busy I am. 


Background Reading




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Antti Juustila <firstname.lastname (at)>
Responsible person, lectures, demonstrations, exercises, support.

Jouni Lappalainen <firstname.lastname (at)>
Exercises, support.



If you have questions or problems related to implementation (exercises), the primary mean is to ask in the course discussion channels in Slack. The secondary option is to visit in an exercise group. There is a team named ESDE in Slack. All students registered to the course via WebOodi shall be invited to the team during the first week of the course. Make sure WebOodi has a valid email address for you, since that email address will be used to mass invite you as a member of the ESDE Slack team.

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