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The taygeta cluster, in use 2012-2016, of the Oulu University is part of the Finnish Grid Infrastructure (FGI) project that is run by CSC. FGI belongs to the European Grid Infrastructure, EGI, in which taygeta can be found with search "FI_Oulu" in the GOCDB repository (Site Object 86122). From Oulu's point of view, this is a followup to the Jovian project, which, however, was not part of the earlier national Grid project.

This hardware was located first in Oulu and later in the CSC premises in Kajaani. Taygeta was shut down in May 2016.

FGCI, Finnish Grid and Cloud Infrastructure


The next step, for years 2016-2020, will be the Finnish Grid and Cloud Infrastructure, FGCI


Grid information

The grid feature means that part of the calculating power of the system is available for outside users. For more information about the use of the grid, please see




Admin email addresses, both at fgi-admin and fgi-sec (the latter is for security related messages only).

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