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Social insect genomics. Research on evolutionary, functional and population genomics of immune defenses in social insects.

Genetic basis of plant adaptation  concentrate on plant population biology and evolution by combining the methods of molecular and quantitative genetics and ecology. The main experimental species are Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) and Arabidopsis lyrata.

Salmonids and Gyrodactylus ectoparasites.  research works with salmonid phylogeography and evolution. emphasis in previously glaciated area in Fennoscandia. A genomic analysis of the host specificity of endemic Gyrodactylus salaris is the main project 2010-2013. A hobby of the team is the global systematics of Gyrodactylus. 

Biorhythm and photoperiodism. The genetic regulation of the circadian rhythm and its connection to other biological time measuring systems. Drosophilas are used as experimental objects.

Domestication history of the goose.

Large carnivore conservation genetics. Population structure, dispersal and ecology of wolf, bear, lynx, wolverine, red fox, raccoon dog and grey seal in Finland and neighbouring countries. Used are traditional as well as non-invasive genetic sampling methods.

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