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Kompassi: Guide to Information Systems, ICT and Studying Facilities

The purpose of the Kompassi Wiki is to be a portal to information and communications technology (ICT) services related to studying, research and teaching. This wiki consists of e.g. descriptions of services related to studying facilities, computer systems and special software and is divided into three parts, namely Undergraduate Students, Post-Graduate Students and Researchers, and Teaching Staff.

Updating rights for staff members are given by Titta Koski and Merja Peurasaari, Academic Affairs (tel. 0294 483596 or 0294 487451, email. titta.koski(at) or merja.peurasaari(at)

For Undergraduate Students

Learning Environment: Skills and Services
This wiki contains information about independent study facilities, workstations, study-related information systems and academic studies in general.

For Teachers

Information Systems for Teaching Staff
The wiki is only partly translated.

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