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Dear all, remember the exercise workshop Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 14:15 - 17:00 in lecture hall L9, where you are supposed to present your experiences and learnings from the exercise project. Prepare your slides for the event in advance.

Each presentation should take 5-7 minutes, so prepare a tight presentation and please do make sure that your talk will fit into the specified time slot.

I am currently on sick leave until the end of the week, so leaving this quick note here to remind you of the event.

I will prepare the detailed schedule later, who is presenting and when. But to make the transitions between presentations as smooth as possible, please export your slides to a memory stick as a pdf file you use when presenting with the classroom computer. Otherwise we will spend too much time between presentations trying to log in and load presentations from google cloud of wherever. Just plug in your memory stick to the teacher's PC, open the pdf and you are set for your presentation. If you have your own laptop you can use, probably that works smoothly enough to present from your laptop. But no logins to cloud and searching for the right file and so on.

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