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Form a group of three (3) persons on time. Both your own article is written and exercises are solved in these groups. If you have problems to find a group or third member into your group, use the Match Making section below or find one after lectures. The instructor reserves right to split and merge groups to adjust the amount of articles (target is 24 articles).

Deadline. Your group is officially formed when you add your initial article topic with three participants into the Completed Groups section in this page on time. See the Article and Seminars page.

Please note that this is a wiki, so you can edit the page instead of writing comments. Edit the page to add your group or individual info, and when you have done your match making, you can edit away your group information and add it to the corresponding section.

Match Making

Use this section to advertise yourself or your group. The goal is to form groups consisting of three persons.

John Doe: I am looking for group that would be interested on quality aspects of OSS. Just kidding, this was only an example!



<Your name here>

Completed Groups

Append your topic on this page and names of the authors at the end of the following list.

Do not comment on the page but edit it. Make the topic as a link to your Google Docs document. Please, do not collect your references into this page. Use the reference list in your Google Docs article, and remove references from this page.

Example Article (First Author, Second Author & Third Author)

Penetration testing with open source tools (final version, PDF)(Aleksey Valov, Mikko Hautanen, Mesh Konadu)

Open Source Software and Usability: Influencing the Community (final version, PDF) (Jukka Ulhgren, Juha-Pekka Koski, Zahra Giyahi)

Usability in Open Source Software development (Juha Kinnunen, Zhihong Wu, Wenting Tao)

Ways of making money in OSS development (Petr Novak, Nathan Balas)

Open Versus Closed Source: A Literature Review Between Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Explorer/Edge (Ville Valanne, Harri Eräjoki & Antti Männikkö)

Code of Conduct in Open Source Software (Jouni Pikkarainen, Saana Rainto & Joni Rajala)

Making high quality OSS (Mikko Korhonen, Tommi Puuperä & Atte Tihinen)

Information Security in Open Source Software, Final PDF (Tuukka Kurtti, Ville Heikkinen & Jari Hyvönen)

Difficulties of Open Source Software Communities of Learners and Newcomers (Ismo Lundbom, Heli Marjomaa, Elizabeth Mauricio-Hannula)

Impact of Open Source Software for Big Companies in Business (Mengmeng Rong, Heng Zhang, Kashifa Khalid)

Differences between Open Source and Proprietary software production (Janne Annunen, Sakari Järvelä, Janne Kallio, Pyry Pennanen)

Evolving Effects of the Open Source Software Platforms in Education (Muhammad

Why does GPL has been losing interest as open source software license?PDF,  (Jussi Jokio, Markus Heino) 

Technical and Semantic Interoperability of Health Information Systems with OpenEHR (final version, PDF) (Tommi Laivamaa, Kalle Vuorinen)

Analysis of the Cathedral and the Bazaar model (Final version, PDF) (Santeri Matero, Mauri Miettinen & Manex Darceles Garai)

Collaboration in Open Source Software , PDF(Sirapop Wongstapornpat, Clement John Shaji & Muhammad Laiq)

From proprietary to Open Source Software: problems and solutions., PDF (Oscar Palomo, Egrot Guilhem)

Automation on OSSD, PDF(Juho Rantaharju, Stefan Grundström) Automation in OSSD

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