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The Open Source Software Development course (815657S, 5 cr) introduces the Open Source Software (OSS) development paradigm and current topics in OSS research. The aim is to study from different viewpoints, for example, what OSS is and what it is not, the history and organisation of OSS projects, methods of OSS development and usage, as well as licensing models and possible risks. The emphasis is on research work.


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In order to pass the Open Source Software Development course during academic year 2018-2019 you have to do the following:

  • Fulfil the prerequisites and register into the course on time.

  • Form a group of three (3) persons on time.
    • Both your own article is written and exercises are solved in these groups.
  • Lectures (20 % of grading): study the self-studying lecture material and participate in the lectures where you take short exams.
    • If you cannot attend, you have to take a longer, combined exam after the lectures.
  • Exercises (20 % of grading): participate in the group exercise work, and deliver tasks on time.
  • Article (45 % of grading): deliver your own article (plan, draft and the final version) on time.
    • Participate also in supervision sessions.
    • Submit your article into the Urkund system.
  • Seminars (15 % of grading):
    • Present your article in the seminars.
    • Participate in the seminars and/or deliver the seminar tasks.
  • If you miss an original deadline, your final grade is lowered one step and you have 48 hours to deliver the required deliverable after course personnel has contacted you by email.
  • If you miss also an extended deadline, your course accomplishment is disqualified and you must take it again later.

The course must be passed within one academic year, and partial achievements are not taken into account during subsequent course implementations.


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Henrik Hedberg <firstname.lastname (at)>
responsible person, lectures, article supervision, evaluation

Antti Juustila <firstname.lastname (at)>
exercises, article supervision, seminars, evaluation

Leena Arhippainen <firstname.lastname (at)>
article supervision, seminars, evaluation


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