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Guidelines for authors and audience

A seminar session consists of presentations, comments & questions and Seminar Diaries:
- Presentations: 20 minutes
- Comments and question from the audience (all students): 10 minutes
- Filling the Seminar Diary: 5 minutes

Guidelines for authors:

  • Authors of an article must prepare a presentation beforehand and add a link to (presentation pdf).
  • The final versions of the articles must be linked here on this page in pdf format (article pdf).
  • Practice your presentation.

Guidelines for audience (all students) before and during the seminar:

  • Before each seminar day: Read at least Abstract and Conclusion of each article
  • During each seminar day: Participate actively to discussion after presentations. Seminar is place to learn.
  • During each seminar day: Fill Seminar Diary after each presentation (not after own presentation).

Seminar Diaries were selected to use during the seminars, because the planned peer review process was cancelled.
Seminar Diary (1-18) is required to fill during or after each presentation. 5 minutes are allocated for filling the diary after each presentation.

Arrival and Attendance:

  • It is important that everyone arrives to the seminar well beforehand, not to disturb the presentations and to get the attendance mark for each presentation, including the first one.
  • Attendance mark is collected via Seminar Diaries. You can fill Seminar Diary for each presentation only if you are present before the presentation starts.
  • First presenters, please be at least five minutes earlier in the seminar.
  • Computers and phones are not allowed to use during the seminar presentations. You need to focus on presentations. Notes can be made on own paper or Seminar Diary.
  • Note: In case you cannot participate all the sessions, you need to deliver an Extended Seminar Diary for those articles you miss, not all, read the instructions from Optima: Extended Seminar Diary template.docx.
  • Points: You will get 1p from each Seminar Diary or Extended Seminar Diary. You need to get at least 9 points from diaries in order to pass the seminar part.

Seminar program 2018

Note: Title of the article will be renamed for the program as in the final article.

Monday, December 10th, 2018

Location:  IT116

12:15 Opening words by Leena Arhippainen & Antti Juustila

12:20 Usability in Open Source Software development (article pdf)
          Juha Kinnunen, Zhihong Wu, Wenting Tao (presentation pdf)

12:50 Seminar Diary 1

12:55 From proprietary to Open Source Software: problems and solutions. (article pdf)
          Oscar Palomo, Guilhem Egrot (presentation pdf)

13:25 Seminar Diary 2

13:30 Code of Conduct in Open Source Software Development (article pdf)
         Jouni Pikkarainen, Saana Rainto, Joni Rajala (presentation pdf)

14:00 Seminar Diary 3

14:05 Ending the seminar

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Location:  IT115

10:15 Analysis of the Cathedral and the Bazaar model (article pdf)
          Mauri Miettinen, Santeri Matero, Manex Darceles Garai (presentation pdf)

10:45 Seminar Diary 4

10:50 Collaboration Problems in Open Source Software Development (article pdf)
           Sirapop Wongstapornpat, Clement John Shaji & Muhammad Laiq (presentation.pdf)

11:20 Seminar Diary 5

11:25 10 minute break

11:35 Making high quality OSS (article pdf)
          Mikko Korhonen, Tommi Puuperä, Atte Tihinen (presentation pdf, google slides)

12:05 Seminar Diary 6

12:10 Ways of making money in Open Source Development (article pdf)
          Petr Novak, Nathan Balas (presentation pdf)

12.40 Seminar Diary 7

12:45 Ending the seminar

Thursday, December 13th, 2018

Location:  IT116

10:15 Open Source Software and Usability: Influencing the Community (article pdf)
          Jukka Ulgren, Juha-Pekka Koski, Zahra Giyahi (presentation pdf)

10:45 Seminar Diary 8

10:50 Impact of Open Source Software for Big Companies in Business (article pdf)
          Mengmeng Rong, Heng Zhang, Kashifa Khalid (presentation pdf)

11:20 Seminar Diary 9

11:25 10 minute break

11:35 Why does GPL has been losing interest as open source software license? (article pdf)
          Jussi Jokio, Markus Heino (presentation pdf)

12:05 Seminar Diary 10

12:10 Technical and Semantic Interoperability of Health Information Systems with OpenEHR (article pdf)
          Tommi Laivamaa, Kalle Vuorinen (presentation pdf)

12.40 Seminar Diary 11

12:45 Ending the seminar

Monday, December 17th, 2018

Location:  IT116

12:15 Securing WiFi with open source tools (article pdf)
          Aleksey Valov, Meshak Konadu, Mikko Hautanen  (presentation pdf)

12:45 Seminar Diary 12

12:50 Automation in OSSD (PDF)
          Juho Rantaharju, Stefan Grundström (Presentation PDF)

13:20 Seminar Diary 13

13:25 10 minute break

13:35 Information Security in Open Source Software (article pdf)
          Ville Heikkinen, Tuukka Kurtti, Jari Hyvönen (presentation pdf)

14:05 Seminar Diary 14

14:40 Seminar Diary 15

14:45 Ending the seminar

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

Location:  IT116

10:15 Open Versus Closed Source: A Literature Review Between Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Explorer/Edge (article pdf)
          Ville Valanne, Antti Männikkö, Harri Eräjoki (presentation pdf)

10:45 Seminar Diary 16

10:50 Differences between Open Source and Proprietary software production (article pdf)
          Janne Annunen, Janne Kallio, Pyry Pennanen, Sakari Järvelä (presentation pdf)

11:20 Seminar Diary 17

11:25 10 minute break

11:35 Difficulties in Open Source Software Communities of Learners and Newcomers (
          Ismo Lundbom, Heli Marjomaa, Elizabeth Mauricio-Hannula (

12:05 Seminar Diary 18

12:10 Closing ceremonies by Henrik Hedberg.

12:30 Closing the seminar

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