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A seminar session consists of presentations, comments & questions and Seminar Diaries:

  • Presentations: 20 minutes
  • Comments and question from the audience (all students): 10 minutes
  • Filling the Seminar Diary: 5 minutes

There are three to four presentations in each seminar day.

Seminar schedule 

Add a title of your article and group members to the seminar schedule.
Update here your article and presentation by the deadline.


Authors of an article must prepare a presentation beforehand and add a link to (presentation pdf).

The final versions of the articles must be linked here on this page in pdf format (article pdf).

Focus on your topic. You can expect that your audience is familiar with the basic concepts of open source software. You do not have time to go through general background information or side stories–20 minutes is not that long. You need only some 10-20 slides depending on your style. Focus on your actual results. Focus.

Practice your presentation.

Evaluation. Each seminar presentation is evaluated as a whole meaning that each presenter will have the same grade. All members of a group must be active in the presentation. The following areas are considered when grading the presentation:

  • content of the presentation,
  • structure of the presentation,
  • novelty and creativity,
  • oral presentation, and
  • questions and answers section.


Before each seminar day: Read at least Abstract and Conclusion of each article

During each seminar day: Participate actively to discussion after presentations. Seminar is place to learn.

During each seminar day: Fill Seminar Diary after each presentation (not after own presentation).

Seminar Diary (1-15) is required to fill during or after each presentation. 5 minutes are allocated for filling the diary after each presentation.

Arrival and Attendance

It is important that everyone arrives to the seminar well beforehand, not to disturb the presentations and to get the attendance mark for each presentation, including the first one.

Attendance mark is collected via Seminar Diaries. You can fill Seminar Diary for each presentation only if you are present before the presentation starts.

First presenters, please be at least five minutes earlier in the seminar.

Computers and phones are not allowed to use during the seminar presentations. You need to focus on presentations. Notes can be made on own paper or Seminar Diary.

Participation. In case you cannot participate all the sessions, you need to deliver an Extended Seminar Diary for those articles you miss, not all.

Use this template for all Extended Seminar Diaries you want to do, and then save it as pdf document and send to leena.arhippainen(at) by 29.12.2019.

Evaluation. You will get 1p from each Seminar Diary or Extended Seminar Diary. You need to get at least 8 points from diaries in order to pass the seminar part.



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