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East meets North

Northern border regions on focus - Maria Lähteenmäki

Rebuilding East and North - Jukka Mönkkönen

The Arctic connecting researchers - Marina Kalinina

Repositioning Finland as an Arctic country - Juha Kotilainen & Alfred Colpaert

Part I: Crossing the Boundaries

The patterns of consumption in visa-free zones at Russian’s western borders - Markku Sippola & Stanislaw Domaniewski

Management of tourism and recreation possibilities for the sustainable development of the north-western border region in Russia - Dmitry V. Sevastiyanov, Alfred Colpaert, Eugene Korostelyov, Oleg Mulyava & Larissa Shitova

Challenges of international cooperation: reflections on the conference of the Russian Association of Higher Education Researchers - Pieter Dhondt

Part II: Rethinking of Welfare

Globalising challenges of well-being in the Finnish North - Tim Luoto, Hannu I. Heikkinen & Arja Rautio

Working across the East-North divide: experiences from a research project on European fringe areas - Laura Assmuth

Part III: Peoples and Rights

Window in the skies: indigenous memory, resistance and experience of Eurasia and the onslaught of resource extraction in the Arctic -Tero Mustonen

Indigenous peoples, their rights and customary laws in the North: the case of the Sámi people - Dawid Bunikowski

Part IV: Conflicts and Consequences

New approaches to the study of Arctic warfare - Pasi Tuunainen

Bad blood and humiliation: Finn’s experiences of the Moscow peace negotiations in 1940 - Maria Lähteenmäki


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