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Aims of this workshop


In this workshop you should:

  • Understand basic principles of the audio data transcribing
  • Learn how to use one of the data transcribing software

A. Type of transcription for qualitative research

B. Task for this workshop

C. Transcription software

Alternative 1: Express scribe (free for non-commercial use)

Alternative 2: Nvivo (commercial)

Method 1: coding  an audio file

this method can be used e.g. for off-task / on-task analysis: you can code meaningfull parts of the audio / video (which will be transcribed by using method 2).

Method 2: Transcribing in NVivo 9

Related articles and book chapters:

McLellan, E., MacQueen, K. M., & Neidig, J. L. (2003). Beyond the qualitative interview: Data preparation and transcription. Field methods15(1), 63-84. 

Davidson, C. (2009). Transcription: Imperatives for Qualitative Research.International Journal of Qualitative Methods8(2).

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