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All doctoral training at the University of Oulu takes place within the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS). Following the doctoral training principles formulated by the European Commission, and in line with the strategy of the University of Oulu, the main goal of the UniOGS is to provide the framework and conditions for high-quality, research-driven doctoral education for all students of the University of Oulu.


Nine multidiciplinary Doctoral Programmes covering the strategic focus areas of the university currently operate within the framework of UniOGS.


UniOGS grants the doctoral study rights, organizes the general – and transferrable skills studies, awards travel grants, manages the thesis end process and grants the doctoral degree. Instructions, guidelines and forms related to these matters can be found on the www-pages of UniOGS. In case of need, the coordinators of the UniOGS (contact information) can provide further help and advice.


The instructions and forms concerning the doctoral training (admission, follow-up and end-process towards degree)