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Redirection Notice


The contents of and any alterations to the Toolbox of Research are controlled by the developer group, which is comprised of representatives from the different faculties.

  • The tasks of the developer group
    • Assessing and implementing suggestions for development and coming up with new suggestions
    • Monitoring and approving changes made by users
    • Curbing inappropriate behaviour
    • Correcting information about to become outdated
    • Notifying about important issues
    • Launching development projects
    • Reporting to the Research Council

The operation of the development group is monitored by the Research Council.

  • Members of the group
    • Faculty of Humanities: university lecturer Kari Väyrynen
    • Faculty of Education: doctoral students Jani Koskela and Piia Näykki
    • Faculty of Science: docent Pertti Rautiainen, Department of Pfysics
    • Faculty of Medicine: professor Sohvi Hörkkö and doctoral student Antti Nissinen
    • Faculty of Economics and Business Administration: Doctor of Economic Sciences Pauliina Ulkuniemi
    • Faculty of Technology: Doctor of Technology Pekka Belt
    • Biocenter Oulu: Docent Anthony Heape
    • Infotech Oulu: coordinator Tapio Repo
    • Thule Institute: coordinator Riitta Kamula, Thule Edu, Value
    • Library: information specialist Jani Sassali
    • Project Services: research liaison oficer Rauno Kenakkala, coordinator
    • e-mail: firstname.secondname@oulu.fi
    • Mailing list of the group: Tor (at) oulu.fi