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ToR - Toolbox of Research

The aim of Tor is to function as a support environment for researchers and doctoral studies at the University of Oulu. This material is divided into three sections:

Joint developing and keeping up

All University of Oulu staff members can update the ToR wiki, in other words everypune who have e-mail address ending koivu.oulu.fi. Anyone can also participate in the development by leaving comments. In the Administrator´s Guide you will find the guidelines for adding new pages . You can also post a comment either by clicking the Add Comment link at the bottom of the wiki page or by sending e-mail to the ToR developer group to the address ToR@oulu.fi.

Developing and adding new knowledge is controlled by the Developer group . The developer group consists of the representatives of the faculties, doctoral programmes, the library and the administration.


Toolbox of Research is a project (2008-2009) financed by Campus Futurus. During the course of this project, a range of material has been produced to help and guide the work of research and postgraduate studies. Part of this material has existed separately before, but a significant part is completely new produced only for the purpose of the project.

During the project, different units have participated in the production of this material: University Library, Research and Innovation Services, Language Center, Faculty of Education, Thule Institute and the Department of Information Processing Science. After the conclusion of this project, the maintenance rights for this material will be distributed as widely as possible across the units at the University of Oulu.

Print a leaflet (PDF) here.

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