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Quick Guide 

This guide is for the Atlassian Confluence version 5.1.5. The style is Global Look and Feel


Notice! In order to use the wiki, create wiki spaces and wiki pages, you have to log in.

For Creating a wiki space see Space Administrator's Guide.


1. Service Address and Signing In

The Oulu University wiki service can be found at
The address leads to the Wiki Frontpage (Dashboard).

1.1. Logging in with a Paju or a Koivu username.

Logging in is initiated by clicking Log In, located in the top right of the page.


Click Log In, the Log In page opens.


When logging in, you can user either a  Paju or a Koivu username.

After this you will be able to create your own wiki pages or to edit your existing pages.
You can also edit the wiki pages that you have received the rights to edit.


1.2. Signing in without a Paju or a Koivu username

( = A user not from Oulu University).

A person without a username given by Oulu University, can ask wiki-support to create an account.
Then the person will have viewing and reading rights to the wiki pages that have this classification, but they cannot edit the pages or create new wiki pages.


1.3. Logging out 

Click the drop-down menu situated at the top right corner of the screen and choose Log Out.



2. Dashboard and different wiki areas

 The Dashboard, or the front page of the wiki, includes all the wiki spaces that you have rights to view and read, as well as their last updates.
 You can access the Dashboard from any wiki space through the link situated in the top left of the screen.

Hint: Dashboard shows all public wiki spaces (Site Spaces). Your favourite spaces can be added to your own Favourite spaces,
by clicking the star to the right of the space to turn it yellow.


Wiki concepts:

Concept in English

Concept in Finnish


wiki engine


The programming through which the wiki is operated. In Oulu University it is Confluence 5.1.5.



One or more wiki pages that form a group with their own settings and administrators.

wiki page


a single page of the wiki.



The frontpage of the Oulu University Wiki


3. My Profile and Settings


Every wiki user has their own profile. The My Profile-page is created when signing in to the wiki for the first time. 

You can edit the profile by clicking your image at the top of the screen and choosing Profile.



4. Creating a Personal Wikispace



Choose Add Personal Space from the top right corner drop-down menu.


Next you can define who can see your space, in Make this space private.
You can change this setting later.


Set up the final permissions: Space tools -> Permissions

Do not grant anonymous users other than the View permissions!


Creating personal wikispaces is only possible for Oulu University users.



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