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This guide is based upon a comparable guide by the University of Helsinki.





 1.  General
 2.  Logging In: Usernames and Passwords        
 3.  User Rights and Responsibilities
        Anonymous Users
        Visiting Users  
        University of Oulu Users  
        Space Administrators
 4.  Wiki Spaces
 5.  Maintenance
 6.  Copyright Issues  

1. General


The same rules apply to the University of Oulu wiki service as do to other University of Oulu data systems and network services.
Read more University of Oulu data system rules (in Finnish). 

Users should take notice that this wiki service is a tool primarily intended for study, research, teaching and management purposes.
Only minimal personal use is allowed. 

The use of Wiki is not allowed:

  • for commercial and political purposes
  • as well as against existing legislation or for any inappropriate use.

The following table clarifies some of the central concepts:

Concept in Finnish 

Concept in English




See under space.

alueen ylläpitäjä

space admin

User who has the rights to administrate one or more wiki spaces.

anonyymi käyttäjä

anonymous user

User who has not logged in.

kirjautunut käyttäjä


User who has logged into wiki with his or her own personal user account.

OY:n käyttäjä


Registered user who has an University of Oulu user account.

OY:n työntekijä


Registered user who has an University of Oulu staff user account, rights
and responsibilities. 

OY:n opiskelija


Registered user who has an University of Oulu student user account, right
and responsibilities.



Outside user with an user account. 



Unit of one or more wiki pages with its own settings and administrators.


personal space

Personal wiki space of a registered user.


wiki service

Unit comprising of software, server, administration, support and education
which enables the use of wiki.



2. Logging In: Usernames and Passwords


All but anonymous users have to log into wiki service. The University of Oulu users should use their user account
given to them by Tietohallinto. In this case, the username and password are the same as for other
University of Oulu network services (paju or koivu).  

Visiting users are an exception to this. They can ask wiki-support to create an user account.
The following apply to those users: 

  • Visitors have limited rights. They are not allowed to create wiki spaces or to administrate one.
  • Visitors can determine their own password on first login to wiki.
  • The administrator of the space which allocates the rights to the visitor is responsible for the actions of the visitor. 

3. User Rights and Responsibilities

All users are responsible:

  • for their own actions and
  • for following the rules.

All users are also obligated:

  • to report to the administrations any breaches of information security or problems with information security.

The following table clarifies the specific right and responsibilities of different users.  




The rights of anonymous users: 

  • To read and comment pages. These rights are space specific (to be defined by space administrator). 
  • Can only be given the rights to read and to comment.
  • General rules.


  • Can be given rights to read, edit and comment pages. These rights are space specific.
  • Do not have a right to create a space or to administrate a space.
  • General rules.

University users can be given space specific rights: 

  • To read, edit and comment pages.
  • To create spaces and to administrate those spaces.
  • General rules.


  • Manages his or her own space(s) and allocates rights to other users.

A space administrator is ultimately responsible for
everything that happens in his or her space, including
actions by other users. Therefore the administrators
should take note of the following rules: 

  • It is not allowed to give anomymous users any
    other rights except the right to read and comment.
  • It is not recommended to share space administration rights with other users. 
  • The administrator must keep up to date with his or
    her space. 
  • The administrator has to limit other users rights if necessary.
  • The administrator must contact wiki service administration in cases of serious problems.



4. Wiki Spaces

Wiki spaces are created with a separate tool, Create a Space, which can be found on Wiki start page Dashboard.

  • The tool can only be used by users with University of Oulu user account.
  • The creator of the space automatically becomes the administrator of the space and it is not recommended
    that the user shares or forwards those rights to other users.
  • It is not recommended that anyone create a space to another user. 

The Wiki should be used for: 

  • Study, research, teaching and management according to existing rules.
  • Only minimal personal use.

It is not allowed to use the Wiki:

  • for commercial purposes.
  • against existing legislation or for any inappropriate use.

The following applies to space administrators: 

  • The space administrator is responsible for his or her space. 
  • The space administrator is responsible for creating back-up copies of information in the wiki space.
  • The space administrator is also responsible for archiving the information for later use. 
  • The space administrator can remove the space he or she created but once a space has been removed, it cannot be restored. 
  • Therefore it is recommended that the space administrator archives the space before removing it. 
  • In addition, it is recommended that the space administrator informs the other users about the removal of the space well in advance. 


5. Maintenance


Tietohallinto maintains the Wiki service. In addition to university network rules, the service maintenance
is bound by separate network services maintenance rules (in Finnish).

The users of the wiki service should take note of the following: 

  • The maintenance tries to ensure the service remains usable and accessible at all times.
  • The maintenance cannot guarantee continuous and uninterrupted accessibility, but the maintenance will
    inform users of all known service breaks beforehand.
  • The maintenance is not responsible for the storage, accuracy or coherency of information on the Wiki. 
  • The maintenance does not control the wiki spaces regularly and only interferes when problems are detected or reported. 
  • In cases of problems, users should first contact the space administrator.
  • In cases of serious problems, the maintenance will follow existing information security directions. 

The maintenance creates backup copies of the wiki service server on regular basis. However, it is not possible to
restore information of a specific wiki space from these backup files. The backup files can only be used for restoring
the wiki in case of serious, system-wide damage.


The maintenance has the right to interfere with any entry within the wiki by-passing the space administrator if the entry:

  • breaks existing legislation
  • breaks the university rules
  • has inappropriate content
  • breaches copyright
  • or disrupts the use of the service.

In addition, the maintenace has a right to change rights of specific users and spaces, and to ban a user from using
the service if any of the aforementioned breaches are detected.


6. Copyright

Each user is responsible for making sure that the content of each entry: 

  • has the permission from the copyright holder.

In addition, the space administrator is responsible for: 

  • Controlling the actions of users and to interfere with suspected breaches of copyright without delay.
  • In unclear cases, the space administrator has to remove the content in question off the wiki until
    the copyright issue has been resolved.  

However, the space administrator is not responsible for or obligated to control how users use each others
material, but users have to agree with the space administrator on the rules of using other users' material.




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