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Topics I supervise

I supervise students in the following research areas closely related to my research interests. Other topics are also possible.

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  • Climate change communication and action, and sustainability topics in ICT
  • Business intelligence: data mining, text mining, data visualization, and gamification in business contexts (computational and/or application aspects), data analytics, visual analytics
  • Media experience: study of attention to media contents and formal features (colors, shapes, etc.), emotional appraisal in media contexts (video, games, news reading, etc.)
  • User evaluation in business, media, and human-computer interaction contexts (theoretical and empirical studies)
  • User experience
  • Psychophysiological research
  • Software as a service, cloud computing: theory and applications, development, adoption, recommendation, evaluation
  • Models of adoption and acceptance of technology (e.g., for wearable computing, smart homes, e- and m-health, mixed reality, etc.)
  • Quantitative methods as well as design science and qualitative research methods
  • Research methodology
  • Digital fabrication, digital innovation, Fablab
  • Safety culture
  • Instructional design


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