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Version 1.6e (c) 2014 by Markku Pirttijärvi

The BLOXER program is intended for interactive visualization, construction, and maintenance of the three-dimensional (3-D) block models that are used in the GRABLOX and GRABLOX2 programs developed for the modelling and inversion of geophysical gravity field data. The 3-D block model consists of a large super-block aligned with the rectangular (geographical) xyz coordinate system and divided into smaller brick-like elements. Each minor-block is assigned a value of an individual characteristic parameter (or multiple parameters). The model as a whole represents a block-wise spatial distribution of the petrophysical parameter(s), such as the density, magnetic susceptibility or electrical conductivity.

Screen dump of the the BLOXER program

BLOXER can be run on a PC with Microsoft Windows operating system and a graphics display with a 1280x1024 pixels. Memory requirements and processor speed are critical only when handling very large models, since the program uses dynamic memory allocation and does not perform any major computational tasks. The program has a simple graphical user interface (GUI)that can be used to visualize and edit the models and to handle file input and output.

Download the BLOXER.ZIP package (3.32 MB).

The program requires either BLOXER.EXE (32 bit) or BLOXER64.EXE (64 bit) executable file. The distribution file (BLOXER.ZIP) also contains a short description file (_README.TXT), user's manual (BLOXER_MANU.PDF), and some example model files. To install the program, simply unzip the distribution files on your hard disk.

User's guide of BLOXER v. 1.6 (1.31 MB).

This update from Oct 2014 is a simple rebuild (Intel Fortran 15, Dislin 10.4) that does not require the presence of the DISDLL.DLL file.

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