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Exercises are kept on Monday at 10 - 12 o'clock in TÄ219. First exercise is on 25.3.2013. Students are encouraged to work through the exercises before and during the excercise session. In order to gain points the exercises must be given to the assistants before Wednesdays at 14.00 (before each lecture). The worked out exercise-papers (with your name and email!) can also be left to a denoted box at the hall of the theoretical physics for gaining points. New exercises and the solutions of the previous will appear every Wednesday to this wiki page. For questions, comments or feedback about the exercises you may also contact the assistants.

Exercise 1AnswersEx1.pdf

Exercise 2

Important note: in Exercise 2 Task 2 part b),  *lambda is given wrong. It should be 37 g/cm2 * ln(2).