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755313A Field identification of birds

Scope: 1- 25 cr.
Timing:B.Sc. - 1 st  summer. NNE.
Objective:The aim of the course is to get a basic level of field identification of Finnish birds.
Contents:The student will learn the basics of avian field identification by familiarizing him/herself with the local bird fauna in different biotopes. The method is self-learning with keeping a notebook of the field observations (see
Working methods:Info, self-learning with notebook
Target group:voluntary
Prerequisites:751373A or equivalent knowledge.
Study materials:Additional information and material: check the link above (Course material)
Assessment methods:notebook of field observations.
Grading:Accepted / Failed
Responsible person:Dr. Seppo Rytkönen.
Other information:Binoculars, bird identification book, suitable outfit.
Language of instruction:Finnish / English.