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Rönkä N*, Pakanen V-M*, Blomqvist D, Degtyarev VG, Golovatin M, Isakov GN, Karlionova N, Lehikoinen A, Morozov VV, Paskhalny S, Pauliny A, Pinchuk P, Rauhala P, Tomkovich P, Zakharov E, Koivula K, Kvist K (20182019) Near panmixia at the distribution‐wide scale but evidence of genetic differentiation in a geographically isolated population of the Terek Sandpiper Xenus cinereus. IBIS, in press.

Pakanen V-M,Blomqvist D, Breiehagen T, Flodin L-Å, Hildén O, Lank DB, Larsson M, Lislevand T, Nuotio K, Olsson P, Ottvall R, Pehlak H, Pauliny A, Rönkä A, Rönkä N, Schamel D, Soikkeli M, Thomson RL, Tracy D, Tomkovich P, Thorup O and Koivula K (20182019) Low frequencies of supernormal clutches in the Southern Dunlin and the Temminck’s Stint. Ardea , in press107: 61–74. doi:10.5253/arde.v107i1.a9


Rytkönen S, Vesterinen EJ, Westerduin C, Leviäkangas T, Vatka E, Mutanen M, Välimäki P, Hukkanen M, Suokas M, Orell M (2018) From feces to data: a metabarcoding method for analyzing consumed and available prey in a bird-insect food web. – Ecology and Evolution 9:361-369.