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Pakanen V-M (2018) Large scale climate affects the timing of spring arrival but local weather determines the start of breeding in a northern Little Tern (Sternula albifrons) population. Ornis Fennica, in press.

Pakanen V-M,Blomqvist D, Breiehagen T, Flodin L-Å, Hildén O, Lank DB, Larsson M, Lislevand T, Nuotio K, Olsson P, Ottvall R, Pehlak H, Pauliny A, Rönkä A, Rönkä N, Schamel D, Soikkeli M, Thomson RL, Tracy D, Tomkovich P, Thorup O and Koivula K (2018) Low frequencies of supernormal clutches in the Southern Dunlin and the Temminck’s Stint. Ardea, in press

Rönkä N*, Pakanen V-M*, Blomqvist D, Degtyarev VG, Golovatin M, Isakov GN, Karlionova N, Lehikoinen A, Morozov VV, Paskhalny S, Pauliny A, Pinchuk P, Rauhala P, Tomkovich P, Zakharov E, Koivula K, Kvist K (2018) Genetic diversity and differentiation in a core-edge-continuum and disjunct populations of the Terek Sandpiper (Xenus cinereus). IBIS, in press.