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Professori (avaruusfysiikka), FT, Dos.

ReSoLVE Huippuyksikön johtaja
puh. +358-400-688365
huone FY324B206
etunimi.sukunimi (at)


Professor (space physics), PhD., Doc.

Head of ReSoLVE Centre of Excellence
telephone +358-400-688365
office FY324B206
firstname.lastname (at)


I am working as professor of space physics in the Space Research Group of the Department of Physics in the Climate Research Unit of the University of Oulu, Finland.

I conduct research in space physics, in particular in heliospheric, magnetospheric and magnetospheric solar-terrestrial physics.

Most of my research deals with Space Climate, i.e., the study of long-term changes in the Sun and its effects in the heliosphere (solar wind and heliospheric magnetic field), and in the near-Earth environment, including charged space (magnetosphere, ionosphere), as well as neutral atmosphere ) and climate.