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PUBLICATIONS / Seppo Rytkönen          updated 15.02.2019

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Manuscripts under construction:

Vatka E, Välimäki P, Rytkönen S, Broggi J, Orell M. 2019. Evolutionary potential in the timing of breeding and its phenotypic plasticity in wild boreal passerines. - re-submitted ms.

Netta Keret, Seppo Rytkönen, Markku Orell, Krista Inkerö, Reima Leinonen and Panu Välimäki 2018. Moth phenology as a cue for timing of reproduction among small passerines. Käsikirjoitus.

Puoskari Viivi, Rytkönen Seppo, Paasivaara Antti 2019. Calving site selection criteria of wild forest reindeer (Rangifer tarandus fennicus) in Kainuu, Finland – implications for habitat conservation.

Møller AP et. al 2019. Climate change intensifies effects of competition on clutch size and breeding phenology. 

Bailey LD et al. 2019. Intra-specific variation in sensitivity and exposure limits climate change vulnerability


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