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  1.   To use an online system, for example, Google for Education ( or GitHub, to deliver your work’s source files (code files, electronics schematics, and design files). You have some more examples in the Suggested Platforms section.
  2.   To create a page (e.g., wiki, web-page, google document, etc.) where you document  all the files and the process you have created during the project work. The page format is up to you, as long as the required information can be found there. Some platforms are summarized in the Suggested Platforms section.

Thus the documentation deliverables consists of two parts: “Repository” and “Documentation Page”.


Once you have the png files with the traces and the cutout you can fabricate your board at Fab Lab. Some video instructions can be found from this youtube video. In addition, you Fab Lab Oulu Wiki has one tutorial  on PCB fabrication using the SRM-20.

Remember, use always the componets from the fab.lbr library when possible.



If you want further information you can reach us: