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EventDateTimePlaceLecture video link
Lecture 1. Introduction to Fab Lab. 10.15-12.00L2
Lecture 2. Electronics. Schematic and Layout design. Board Fabrication 10.15-14.00L8 / TA105 / Fab Lab OuluNo video for this lecture
Lecture 3. Design of physical things. 10.15-12.00L7
Lecture 4. 3D design and printing. Solid modelling  tutorial. 10.15-12.00L2
Lecture 5. Embedded programming basics. 10.15-14.00L8 / L7
Lecture 6. 2D design. Laser and vinyl cutting. Solving problems with 3D models. 10.15-12.00L7
Deadline for registering the project topic:    
TA hours 9.00-12.30FabLab 
TA hours



Deadline for having an example PCB board milled at Fab Lab

521159P Principles of Digital Fabrication Home

TA hours 9.00-12.30FabLab 
Mid-term meetings (I) 10.15-12.00L2 
Mid-term meetings (II) 10.15-12.00PR105 
TA hours 9.00-12.30FabLab 
Mid-term meetings (III) 10.15-12.00PR105 
TA hours 9.00-12.30FabLab 
TA hours 9.00-12.30FabLab 
TA hours 9.00-12.30FabLab 
Final presentations(I) 9.15-12.00PR104 
Final presentations (II) 12.15-14.00PR105