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  • In general, the course implementation is the same for High School students and for University students.
    • Students coming from high school have the same evaluation criteria as University students. They will earn 5ECTS after completing the course.
    • They should form a group with other students to complete the project. 
    • Students should visit periodically the course website since we are refining the schedule.

  • Attendance to lectures/lessons are not mandatory for high school students. 
    • They are welcome to the lecture/lessons.

  • We will record all majority of the lectures/lessons and they will be . We will make them available through this week site.
    • High School students should watch the recordings in their own time
    • They should follow also the tutorials recommended for the lectures

  •  We will organise mandatory tutoring hours for High School students which cannot attend to the lectures in a schedule suitable for them (after 16:00)
    • Before coming to the tutoring hours students should browse the lecture material. In addition, they should watch the lecture video.
    • During the tutoring hours instructors will remark the most important aspects of the lectures/lessons, will provide answer to students questions and will guide students in their project work.