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Guidelines for authors and audience

A seminar session consists of presentations, comments & questions and Seminar Diaries:
- Presentations: 20 minutes
- Comments and question from the audience (all students): 10 minutes
- Filling the Seminar Diary: 5 minutes

Guidelines for authors:

  • Authors of an article must prepare a presentation beforehand and add a link to (presentation pdf).
  • The final versions of the articles must be linked here on this page in pdf format (article pdf).
  • Practice your presentation.

Guidelines for audience (all students) before and during the seminar:

  • Before each seminar day: Read at least Abstract and Conclusion of each article
  • During each seminar day: Participate actively to discussion after presentations. Seminar is place to learn.
  • During each seminar day: Fill Seminar Diary after each presentation (not after own presentation).

Seminar Diaries were selected to use during the seminars, because the planned peer review process was cancelled.
Seminar Diary (1-18) is required to fill during or after each presentation. 5 minutes are allocated for filling the diary after each presentation.

Arrival and Attendance:

  • It is important that everyone arrives to the seminar well beforehand, not to disturb the presentations and to get the attendance mark for each presentation, including the first one.
  • Attendance mark is collected via Seminar Diaries. You can fill Seminar Diary for each presentation only if you are present before the presentation starts.
  • First presenters, please be at least five minutes earlier in the seminar.
  • Computers and phones are not allowed to use during the seminar presentations. You need to focus on presentations. Notes can be made on own paper or Seminar Diary.
  • Note: In case you cannot participate all the sessions, you need to deliver an Extended Seminar Diary for those articles you miss, not all, read the instructions from Optima: Extended Seminar Diary template.docx.
  • Points: You will get 1p from each Seminar Diary or Extended Seminar Diary. You need to get at least 9 points from diaries in order to pass the seminar part.

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Monday, December 10th, 2018