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Research in a nutshell

Our research group works on evolutionary genetics and we are interested in various aspects of population genetics and molecular evolution. Genetic basis of local adaptation, haploid stage evolution and effects of natural selection on molecular variation are in our focus. We mostly work with plants: Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine), Arabidopsis lyrata but also have some side projects on e.g. goose domestication and wolf evolutionary genetics.

Tanja is an Academy Research Fellow (funded by Academy of Finland) in the Department of Genetics and Physiology, University of Oulu. Her current 5-year Academy project will deal with Evolutionary consequences of haploid selection in gymnosperms.

The research group is affiliated with PopStatGenResearch Consortium and Biocenter Oulu. We also work on an EU-funded project on conifer genomics and exome sequencing of Pinus sylvestris.

Career opportunities
Are you interested in:
  • Evolutionary genetics?
  • Population genetics?
  • Gene experssion?
  • Bioinformatics?
  • Genomics?
  • Plant genetics?


Feel free to contact me for potential master’s / doctoral thesis /post doctoral project
e-mail: tanja.pyhajarvi[replace this with at sign]