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I have studied local adaptation, flowering time variation and their genetic basis using the perennial model plant Arabidopsis lyrata. Currently I am examining genetics of natural variation in critical photoperiod and flowering time in an annual species of monkeyflower Mimulus laciniatus.


PhD in genetics 2011 (University of Oulu, Finland); 

MSc in plant ecology 2006 (University of Oulu, Finland)


Postdoctoral researcher funding (Academy of Finland) 2013-2016.

Doctoral fellowship (Finnish population genetics graduate school) 2008–2011.

Travel grant (Faculty of Science, University of Oulu) 2013.


Remington DL, Leinonen PH, Leppälä J & Savolainen O (2013): Complex genetic effects on early vegetative development shape resource allocation differences between Arabidopsis lyrata populations. Genetics 195:1087-1102. Abstract. (also featured in Nature Reviews Genetics Research highlights)

Quilot-Turion B, Leppälä J, Leinonen PH, Waldmann P, Savolainen O & Kuittinen H (2013): Genetic changes in flowering and morphology in response to adaptation to a high-latitude environment in Arabidopsis lyrata. Annals of Botany 111: 957-968. Abstract.

Leinonen PH, Remington DL, Leppälä J & Savolainen O (2013): Genetic basis of local adaptation and flowering time variation in Arabidopsis lyrataMolecular Ecology 22: 709-723. Abstract.

Leinonen PH (2011): Local adaptation and its genetic basis in Arabidopsis lyrata. PhD thesis. Acta Universitatis Ouluensis A 586. ISBN 978-951-42-9676-5. Juvenes Print, Tampere, 2011. Electronic version of the thesis.

Leinonen PH, Remington DL & Savolainen O (2011): Local adaptation, phenotypic differentiation and hybrid fitness in diverged natural populations of Arabidopsis lyrata. Evolution 65: 90-107. Abstract.

Leinonen PH, Sandring S, Quilot B, Clauss MJ, Mitchell-Olds T, Ågren J & Savolainen O (2009): Local adaptation in European populations of Arabidopsis lyrata (Brassicaceae). American Journal of Botany 96: 1129-1137. Abstract.



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