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Animal ecology is one area of zoology

Zoology studies consist of areas such as animal species and their taxonomic relations (systematics), animal  distribution and abundance within their range (zoogeography), interaction between species, individuals and their  environment (ecology) and whole animals as functional units (physiology). An ecologist most often operates with  data gathered in the field; the data being either descriptive, inventory, comparative or experimental. Physiologists  conduct experimental studies on the structure and function of animal tissues and organs, usually working in the  laboratory. The different branches of zoology often overlap each other, and researchers must deal with a wide  range of questions, for example, in the fields of ecophysiology, or ecological biogeography.

The Animal Ecology research groups at Department of Biology, University of Oulu, Finland:

(we also have connections to groups in genetics , animal physiology and plant ecology in Dept. Biology, Univ. Oulu)


Graduaiheita biologeille 2017 



Pro graduaiheita OY_Anne Hekkala_Anne Tolvanen.pdf

Pro graduaiheita OY_Oili_Tarvainen.pdf

Monenlaiseen ekologiaan ja luonnonsuojelubiologiaan liittyviä graduaiheita, pääasiassa lintututkimukseen liittyviä --> Markku Orell, Seppo Rytkönen, Kari Koivula

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