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Electrial and electromagnetic


Modelling the EM response of a perfectly conducting half-plane in free-space + full source code


Approximate EM response of a thin dipping conductor in two-layered earth (private version is free for download)


1-D modelling and interpretation of frequency-domain EM soundings


1-D modelling and individual/joint inversion of TEM, DC/VES and AMT soundings and VLF-R measurements


Laterally constrained 1-D inversion of airborne and ground EM (dipole-dipole) profile data


Laterally constrained inversion of VLF-R data (apparent resistivity and phase) using 2-layer model + source code


Karous-Hjelt (pseudosections) and Fraser filtering of VLF data (real and imaginary) + source code 


2.5D modelling and inversion software for airborne time-domain EM data 

Potential fields


The gravity field of a 3-D dipping prism model + source code


The magnetic field of a 3-D dipping prism model + source code


Visualization and maintenance of 3-D block (voxel) models


Modelling and inversion of gravity data using a 3-D block (voxel) model


Modelling and inversion of gravity and gravity gradients using a 3-D block (voxel) model


2-D Fourier analysis (filtering, continuation, pole reduction, analytic signal) of potential field data


Lithologically constrained gridding of petrophysical or geochemical data


Jan 2015: First public release of ARJUNGUI
Oct 2014: FOURPOT 1.3a update
Oct 2014: FDEMINV 1.5 released and BLOXER updated 
Sep 2014: GRABLOX2 2.1a released
Sep 2014: HPLANE 1.4 released under GNU GPL license
Aug 2014: Updated Emplates distribution files
Aug 20 2014: AEMINV 1.3 update
Jan 27 2014: JOINTEM 1.4a update
Jan 27 2014: FDEMINV 1.4b update (magnetic susceptibility)
Jul 5 2012: FOURPOT 1.3 released.
Jan 3 2012: Recompiled Bloxer and updated the manual (finally).
Nov 11 2011: First public release of PETROCK, petrophysical data gridding
Sep 11, 2010: Created new Wiki space


The DISLIN graphics library by Helmut Michels ( can be used to create computer applications in Fortran90 that can display scientific data and include graphical user interface (GUI) and that can be compiled and run on different operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux) without major modifications. The DISLIN license is quite inexpensive (even free) and that applications can be distributed without royalty fees. Thus, it makes a nice basis for creating useful programs for geophysical problem solving.

Source codes:

At the moment only few source codes are distributed freely. HPLANE v. 1.4 is the first program released with Fortran90 source code under GNU GPL license. The code can be used as a starting point for anyone who would like to create an easy-to-use modeling or interpretation program of his or her own. It contains most of the basic features that I have used in my programs: the creation of the main window, menus, program controls (buttons, text fields and slide widgets), and their call-back routines. Basic plotting functions are covered as well as dynamic memory allocation and file I/O.

Important note:

If the program crashes at start-up, the problem may be related to the way Windows handles real (floating point) numbers in some languages. Use Regional and language options item in Control panel and change the language to English (or Finnish) where comma (,) is used as a decimal character and dot (.) is not used as a digit grouping character. Alternatively, you can use the Customize button in Regional settings page to redefine the decimal and digit grouping characters.

Terms of use and disclaimer:

You can use these program free of charge. If you find them useful, please, send me a postcard.

The programs are provided on an "as is" basis. The Author (MP) and the University of Oulu disclaim all warranties, either expressed or implied, with regard to these programs. In no event shall the Author or the University of Oulu be liable for any indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from the loss of use, data, or profits, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of these programs. In short, use at your own risk.

When referring to these programs in reports and such, I suggest you use the address of this web-page, because I have not published them anywhere, yet (except for Emplates, AEMinv and Petrock).


markku . pirttijarvi (at) gmail . com


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