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Integration of Educational Theories on ‘Bildung’ and Growth


The discourse on educational theory has traditionally manifested itself differently in different cultural and language areas and in different scientific traditions. Despite the many ideological, thematic and practical connections, the German, Anglo-American, Hispanic, French, Scandinavian and other traditions of educational discourse and research have developed special features and their own genres of discourse which have not been easy to reconcile. The developments in the last couple of decades have, however, dissolved some of the previous boundaries, and research in educational philosophy has also systematically aimed to find links and integration especially between the continental European and Anglo-American discourse on educational theory.

This research project aims at building a dialogical connection in educational philosophy between the German Bildung theoretical research tradition and the American thought of educational theory based on pragmatism. In our research we try to develop pedagogical theory constructing a bridge and integration between Bildung theories and theory of growth developed in the continental (German) philosophy of education and in American pragmatism.

This research project is funded by Academy of Finland for the years 2010-2014.

See Poster for more details on the project. 

See also slideshow for further details on the project.

Educational Theory and Traditions is also connected to the Graduate Research Seminar in General Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education, University of Oulu.

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